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Monitor Your Fermentation Performance

This analysis service determines pH at any time in the brewing process and can aid in the monitoring of fermentation performance. During fermentation, many different acids are secreted by yeast, such as citric and acetic acid, and the pH lowers. The more energetic and longer the fermentation, the lower the pH goes. pH has a considerable effect on beer quality, influencing flavor and suppression of microbial growth. Analysis at different stages of the brewing process can yield different information including protein profiles and sugar extractions at the mash stage, to hop utilization and antimicrobial properties during the boil. Craft brewers and home brewers alike will benefit from the analysis as it helps increase style consistency and identify issues with flavor contribution and within the brewing process.

Turnaround Time 48 hours
Required Sample Size Minimum 8 oz
Recommended Audience Craft Brewers, Home Brewers
Recommended Frequency Per Batch
ASBC Methodology Beer 9

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