Hop Testing

Hop Profile Package

Hop Profile Package

The Most Comprehensive Hop Analysis Package

Savings 10%

Developed for hop growers and craft brewers alike, this package is designed to help customers determine the alpha acids, beta acids, hop storage index and oil components of their hops. By knowing the specific breakdown of components in a hop lot, brewers gain a better understanding of their raw ingredients and experience an increased ability to fine-tune recipes according to their desired results. Growers can utilize this same information to align the characteristics of their hops during harvest with the brewer’s ideal brewing values. Overall, the Hop Profile Package provides line of sight into the essential brewing values and potential aroma characteristics of a given hop sample, increasing grower return, brew house efficiency and style consistency. While this test cannot identify an unknown hop, it provides a comprehensive hop profile that can be used to suggest candidate varieties.

Analyses Included In This Package:
Brewing Values
Oil Content
Volatile Oil Profile

Turnaround Time 72 Hours
Required Sample Size Minimum 150 grams of dried hops
Recommended Audience Hop Growers and Craft Brewers
Recommended Frequency Per Batch
ASBC Methodology Hops 6-A; Hops 12; Hops 13; Hops 17

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