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Brewing Values

Brewing Values

The Most Popular Hop Analysis

Whether you are a hop grower, craft brewer, or home brewer – this service benefits you. Our Brewing Values service provides alpha acids, beta acids, and hop storage index (H.S.I.) values, allowing customers to verify the integrity of their product and ensure recipe consistency. The bulk of hop bitterness in beer is due to alpha acids, however, beta acids do provide some bitterness during storage as hops oxidize. H.S.I. is the ratio of two different wavelengths of UV light measured through the samples in question and measure of the rate at which your hops age in storage. As the alpha and beta compounds degrade, the ratio widens and the H.S.I. increases. In addition to providing valuable hop quality information, this service will allow you to have the confidence that you need in your hops – from product integrity to peak harvest windows, recipe verification and more.

Turnaround Time 48 Hours
Required Sample Size 75 grams of dried hops
Recommended Audience Hop Growers and Craft Brewers
Recommended Frequency Weekly (changing to per batch after harvest)
ASBC Methodology Hops 6-A; Hops 12

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