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Alcohol, Extract & Calories

Alcohol, Extract & Calories

Perfect for First Time Customers

Designed for quality control and quality assurance, this analysis service is great for first time users. This service provides a wide assortment of information including alcohol by volume, and original and real extract, and can be used by breweries of any size to identify critical issues within the brewing process. Alcohol by volume is an essential component of TTB label submissions and is required to control the strength of beer produced by high-gravity fermentation techniques. Utilizing alcohol  content, the quantity of fermentable sugar prior to fermentation can be calculated and added to the real (or residual), an extract value which encompassesnonfermented carbohydrates in the wort and whether the fermentability of the wort was too high or too low. Additionally, this service tells you the calories of your beer, if you hit the right efficiencies in your mash, and if it fermented properly by gravity values. Includes: density, apparent extract, real extract, calories, ABV, ABW, RDF and ADF.

Turnaround Time 48 Hours
Required Sample Size Minimum 8 oz
Recommended Audience Craft Brewers, Home Brewers
Recommended Frequency Monthly
ASBC Methodology Beer 2-B; Beer 4-G

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