Who We Are

Focusing on Quality for Hop Growers & Craft Brewers

Who We Are

Located in the heart of hop country, Alpha Analytics® is a premier provider of analytical services to hop growers and craft brewers nationwide. We are dedicated to delivering prompt and accurate analysis at an affordable price, and take pride in helping members of the craft community bring the best out of their beer.

Our hop testing services are designed to help growers of any size produce the highest quality hops possible. Through our hop analyses, hop farmers are able to gain a better understanding of varietal characteristics and establish trends within a given hop sample or lot location. These results help identify peak harvest windows and increase harvest efficiencies.

In addition to hop testing, we offer a comprehensive selection of beer testing services to craft and home brewers. Our services have been designed with small to mid-sized breweries in mind and are intended to provide maximum results at minimal cost. By utilizing our beer testing services, brewers gain invaluable knowledge about the nature of their beer and become better equipped to make decisions that not only create a more consistent, higher quality product, but maximize brew house efficiencies as well.

At Alpha Analytics®, we are committed to the craft. Our analysis services are run in strict accordance with all ASBC methodology and verified through participation in ASBC collaboration programs. We believe that strict quality control helps produce a well-made product and provides the consistency needed to ensure a brand’s success-both with hop pellet blends and artisan craft brews.