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Welcome to Alpha Analytics

Your Premier Source for Hop & Beer Analysis Services

Welcome to Alpha Analytics

Founded in 2010, Alpha Analytics® is a quality control laboratory dedicated to providing analytical services to hop growers, researchers, and members of the professional craft brewing and home brewing communities. Regardless of the size of your hop farm or craft brewery, our staff is dedicated to helping you make a top quality product.

Our hop analysis services are designed to help growers identify their optimal harvest window and quantify the brewing and aromatic qualities of their hops. In conjunction, our beer analysis services provide insight that allows brewers to refine their recipes and create a more consistent, efficient, and higher quality product. Our goal is to provide accurate analysis for both growers and brewers so that together, we can produce the highest quality craft beer possible.

In addition to hop and beer analysis, Alpha Analytics® is committed to advancing hop and beer science. We are proud to assist or collaborate with public and private research programs. While we are happy to provide analytical services, our association with Hopunion LLC enables us to source a wide variety of hop samples and grants access to a comprehensive dataset of hop harvest, processing, and quality information. If you’re planning a study, or just need somebody to do a little research, please don’t hesitate to contact us!